+ What is a midwife?

A midwife is an expert in out of hospital birth who honors the midwifery model of care. A Licensed Midwife is registered with TXDL. To learn more visit MANA.

+ If I have a midwife do I need a doula?

A midwife provides clinical support to ensure that you and your baby are safe and healthy throughout labor and birth. A doula offers emotional and physical support to you during labor. They also help your partner identify your needs and how to support you during the labor process. No one ever regrets inviting a doula to their birth.

+ What does prenatal care with a midwife look like?

Prenatal care with a midwife follows the standard appointment schedule of: 1 appointment every 4 weeks until 28 weeks, appointments every other week until 36 weeks, then weekly appointments until you give birth. Frequency of appointments may be altered depending on the course of your pregnancy and your unique needs.

+ What does giving birth at home entail?

When you go into labor, your midwife will arrive with needed supplies and medications to ensure your birth at home is safe. Some midwives have you purchase a birth kit from their preferred supplier to ensure there are plenty of gloves, waterproof pads, and other items available. Just like at the hospital you may receive an itemized bill after your birth to cover medications or additional supplies.

+ What does post-partum care with a midwife look like?

Midwives typically host post-partum appointments at your home for the first few weeks. In the first week, you can expect close follow up for both you and your baby depending on your specific needs. A 2 week and 6 week appointment are required and are usually at the office so that you have a safe and welcoming space to practice getting out with your new baby.

+ Do you allow water births?

Midwifery of Austin does allow or permit anything. We partner with you by offering information and education then support you as you make your choices. We believe in informed consent and honoring your wishes. And yes! Your midwife loves water births!

+ What is something goes wrong?

In the Austin community, home birth transports are welcomed by the most amazing team of highly skilled obstetricians at St. Davids Medical Center in downtown Austin. This is truly the most mother-baby friendly hospital in the city. Most transports to the hospital during a labor at home are not for emergencies, but rather for a mother or baby who need additional clinical support. Please schedule an interview to discuss in more detail the risks and benefits of planned out-of-hospital birth.