Giving birth can be the most empowering experience…an initiation into a new dimension of mind-body awareness. -Ina May Gaskin




+ The Interview

An interview is required prior to initiating care with Midwifery of Austin. During the interview your midwife will assess your health and birth history to ensure that home birth is the safest option for you and your baby. You'll also have plenty of time to have all of your questions answered. Partners and children are welcome in our offices.

+ Prenatal Care

Prenatal appointments are held at our office and last approximately 45 minutes to ensure all of your questions and concerns are addressed. Home visit packages are available on request. Appointments typically begin around 10 weeks of pregnancy and are monthly up to 28 weeks. From 28 weeks to 36 weeks, appointments are every 2 weeks. After that we begin weekly appointments until you give birth.

+ Labor & Birth

You midwife will arrive at your home when you're in labor with the needed medications and supplies to monitor you and your baby throughout labor. You will have prepped your house and purchased a birth kit of needed supplies to have on hand by 36 weeks of pregnancy. Midwives are very skilled at keeping you home tidy and clean during the birth and leave your home in the same state as when they arrive. Your midwife will stay with you and your baby until you are comfortable & have initiated breastfeeding. You'll have an in home appointment in the first few days or as frequently as you and your baby's health require. The frequency of post-partum care is very individualized.

+ Lactation

Your midwife is skilled at supporting breastfeeding and common issues that arise. Midwives are not always LCs, but are very knowledgeable to assist & guide you through your breastfeeding journey.

+ Post-Partum

Post-partum is a special and sacred time. Your emotional and physical health are monitored by your midwife for 6 weeks after the birth. You'll also recieve care for your baby up to 6 weeks and will then transition to your pediatrician or family medicine provider. Your midwife remains on call for you during the 6 week period for any issues that may arise.

+ Ultrasounds & Genetic Testing

Midwifery of Austin refers to a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist for any needed ultrasounds or desired genetic testing. All testing is your decision and your midwife will review the risks and benefits of all available options. Appointments to specialists are billed to your insurance company by their office.

+ Labs

At your initial prenatal appointment, we'll offer a complete head to toe physical exam and draw a panel of blood work to assess your overall health status. We'll also collect a pap if you're due for one and offer STI screening to all families. Additional blood work may be needed depending on your specific needs.

*labs are billed to your insurance company.