You deserve a peaceful, empowering, & safe birth. Midwifery of Austin’s approach to care is grounded in these 3 elements while building a relationship of equal power & shared authority between you & your midwife.

Midwifery of Austin is the right choice for you if:

  • You want autonomy & respect in every interaction with your provider.

  • You desire a shared decision making model or partnership when navigating choices surrounding your pregnancy & birth.

  • You want to be heard & valued as a unique individual with needs beyond your pregnancy alone.

  • You want your partner to be welcomed as a valuable part of your decision making team.

  • You & your partner want to build a relationship of mutual respect & trust with your provider.

  • You want final say in who is present at your birth.

  • You want the absolute best, safest clinical care from a highly trained & skilled midwife.

Your Midwife

Katie Hirst Austin Midwife

Katie Hirst LM,CPM

Katie Hirst is a Licensed Midwife in Austin, Texas. She first began working with families and attending birth as a doula, & soon discovered her passion for community birth. Katie’s focus shifted to midwifery after being invited to a home birth where the family was treated with respect and autonomy. This experience was completely in contrast with the systemic dis-empowerment she found in the medical model. From that day forward it was clear that midwifery fulfilled her passion of service to women & families.